Saturday, January 17, 2009

Manila's Ocean Park

Not as large and impressive as HK's and KL's Ocean Park but still feel proud of Manila's very own Aquaria (which opened mid-2008). At least it's a start for an archipelagic country that previously and ironically never had a marine zoo to call its own...and what a hit! Pinoys just love these sorts of pasyalans, especially the little tots. And along with the feast for the eyes, of course it also offers a treat for the mind. Only P400 per person, it's cheap compared to the whole new world of information and education it could give to your child (super endorse na toh, hehe) and to you as well, in case you've never seen deep inside the ocean! Alas, wasn't able to take lots of pics but here are two pics showing my fave ocean creatures...

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