Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Got this piece of information from a VERY reliable source--it appears that the 2009 bar exams has a very low passing rate attributable mainly to the effects of the experimental two-examiner rule implemented for the first time last year. According to this former bar topnotcher, since the total points allotted per examiner is only 50, the allowance for mistakes is also very minimal. To achieve the 75 passing grade, an examinee should not incur deductions from each examiner amounting to more than 12.5 points. How scary is that?

He also confided that the bar results are due to come out sooner than the usual April or pre-holy week schedule. In fact, rumors are circulating on the internet that, this March, the results will be out. Worse, after citing unnamed sources (like me), the passing rate is only 15 % (But I doubt the SC will allow this).

To all the bar examinees of 2009, especially my friends--do not despair. If you know you gave this endeavor your 101% effort, then lay all your fears (terrors, even) on God and He will do the rest. The important thing is you dared to go after a noble dream, whereas so many never even had the courage. My prediction is that there will be a higher passing rate this year than last year's bar exam (20.3%) because for the past two years, there has been a downward trend. I predict a 25-28% passing rate. Bet your bottom dollar (or peso) on that!