Thursday, January 17, 2008

I recently read this very interesting comment from a reader in the PDI responding to columnist Conrado De Quiros somewhat derogatory and snide remark about Pinoys trying their best at learning English only to become nurses or blue-skilled workers abroad.
Apparently the reader Michael, was offended at De Quiros' seemingly shallow and frivolous opinion not only as to why Pinoys continue to leave the country in droves, but of OFWs as a whole. And he certainly made his point in the most furious, bristling manner but in effect, eloquently overshadowing whatever De Quiros had to say about the matter.

He emphasized that Pinoys leave, not just for the sake of leaving or earning more--but primarily because deep within is a bottomless discontent at how their own country is being run, and how the system remains as rotten as ever. It is appalling to note how he and millions of others have already lost even the faintest shred of hope for their own nation, but he said this does not warrant the ridicule or mockery or judgment of any other person (like De Quiros).

His other compatriots continue to tell him it's not worth staying here because any person who succeeds in government "are ALL corrupt" and that he and other self-examining and self-respecting Filipinos are all "sick and tired" of propaganda being "shoved down their throats." Michael argues that they should be respected for whatever choices they make because essentially, it concerns the right to self-determination--their right to chart the direction of their lives according to their own terms, without the complications and obstacles inherent in a morally-delinquent, unstable government and a deeply-polarized country.


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  2. I must agree in some ways with Michael. But if I may just point out, to give up on one's country just because of bad politics is to give up on one's self. Filipinos should learn from the mistakes of the past. The problem is not simply politics but by the way we try to reform it. Nothing will ever change if we become hopeless and run away from our problems. There comes a time when we must urn and face our worst fears.

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  4. i had just recently had a word war with an American who wrote in his blog that Filipino illegal aliens in his country should be deported and be banned for life. and that if they have issues with the government and all, they should stay home and fight. he bitched about Pinoys coming in America and grabbing the jobs that are supposedly meant for his fellowmen. bla bla bla.

    i was deeply offended and told him of my take on the the matter, informing him the many reasons why i came here in Korea, or any Filipinos who leave their family to work abroad.

    the thing with some people is that, it's very easy for them to judge and chastise, without actually wearing the shoes of those they are lambasting.

    anyway, for the sake of world peace, i tagged you:)

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