Thursday, October 25, 2007

UFO Sighting in Pampanga

My sister, who works in an advertising company, sent me thru e-mail, this pic of an "unidentified flying object." She took it while they were shooting a commercial in Pampanga recently. Note that astronomically-speaking, this round shaped thingee appears to be almost vertically-aligned with the setting sun (haven't heard of any other heavenly object visible to earth that fits that description).

My sis said she also noticed smaller round shapes surrounding this UFO of-sorts. It must also be stressed that it was the new moon, when this pic was taken, according to my sis so our own moon was invisible during that time. And it looks too near the earth to be a planet or a satellite anyway. What could it be? See for yourself. Got more pics in my e-mail.

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  1. ufo in the philippines? wow, that's something new. couldn't see it from your photo though.

  2. Interesting. I hope you post the other pictures.

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