Thursday, September 13, 2007

An Interview with the Filipinos' very own Mystic--Sister Tere Castillo

* Yesterday, I was part of a coverage team that went to Lipa City, Batangas for the 3rd national day of Prayer, Consecration and Reconciliation. I had a brief interview with Sister Teresing Castillo, the one and only Filipino nun (based on historical records) who allegedly saw and spoke to none other than the Mother of Christ during several instances in the year 1948. If you recall, the Carmel convent, now called the Lipa Shrine--was also the setting of the famous "shower of roses" that occurred also in 1948. I have no data whether these miraculous events have been confirmed by the Vatican and I intend to research more on this--but one thing's for sure, Sister Tere IS a blessing. Read on...

Sister nung 1948, nagpakita daw po sa inyo si Mother Mary, pwedeng pakidescribe po kung paano nangyari? What were you doing when she appeared?

The first time, I was going to my room…cell in Carmel (convent) when she appeared. Before reaching my room, I smelled the fragrance of lilies, wala naman kaming lilies around.

The first time I met her, she was as she is, in white--as you see her in the statue now. And then she said, as you go to a certain place here (in the convent vicinity) she will be giving me messages there. It turned out she was talking about the vine. We have a small vine (in the garden) the only one that we had-- bandera espaniola. One day, I saw it move suddenly (on its own). The first moment I thought it was only a lizard and I went on saying my rosary. The 2nd time it was a little stronger. The 3rd time, it was so strong, my attention was caught.

Ang then in the beginning, there was just a voice not to be afraid, and then there were some messages not to go there for 7 days, at 5 pm in the afternoon, so I told those messages, I told our prioress at the time, my mother superior. Of course, they did not believe me. And then later, the Bishop. Ang sakin, ok lang basta I told them what I have seen. Ok lang sa akin at sa conscience ko.

Eventually they paid heed to the several times that she appeared to our cell. Bishop Abviar our chaplain during that time said: “Go ahead and see what she wants.”

And so I spoke with her. In the beginning she talked about (the importance of being) priests and nuns and (of) telling the family rosary daily, for the conversion of sinners and the whole world.

Sister how old were you during the apparitions?

How many times did she appear to you?
I would calculate around 18 times but very short moments.

Did you have any doubts about what you were seeing during that time or were you so convinced that she was the mother of God?
In the beginning she was in my room and I didn’t know who she was. Later, I was told by my prioress to ask her directly who are you? So I asked her and she said: “I am your mother.” And then she expressed herself as “Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace,” her specific name. She was a beautiful lady. She doesn’t look like a human being but you can see her eyes. She was full of radiance, so it’s not really exactly a human being. However, you can see the figure although, not human but something heavenly-- because she is full of light and very bright.

Did you ever have somebody with you at any time during the apparitions?
No, I was alone because at that time, we had prayers at 5 pm in the afternoon.

Did you ever ask her why she chose you?
I did. I asked her, “Why me?” and she said “God has different ways of choosing” or something to that effect. I can’t quote verbatim because it was (way back in) 1948 but that was the idea that was given to me.

Were there any major changes in your life after the apparitions?
I thought then perhaps that her messages were not only for me but for the whole world.
I was just an instrument. And of course I kept asking myself, why me, I was just new here (as a novice, in the Carmel Convent)?

Sister, in what language did you converse with Mother Mary?

Were there secrets revealed to you that she told you were not to mention until a specific date?
A few.

How many of those secrets have you revealed so far?
Almost all, except for a few, perhaps I could call secrets.

Are you seeing signs of those things she told you to keep secret?
Not exactly, but the way things are now, I think it’s leading to those revelations.

Were you also here in Lipa when it rained rose petals?
Yes, also in 1948. Before the apparitions occurred as far as my memory is concerned.

At this age, do you still have the chance to see the Blessed Mother, does she appear to you in your dreams?
Not anymore. After 1948, I forgot the year already but I just heard her voice once. She was so concerned about the family. She had many messages for the family.

What is your message for the Filipino family?
To say the family rosary as often as possible. And go to the Holy Eucharist as often as possible for the world’s conversion, and for priests and nuns also.

How old are you now sister?
80 years old

Did the Blessed Mother give any warnings to mankind?
Not exactly warnings because she gave her messages in a motherly way. She said if we will not say the rosary regularly, it means that people do not pay heed to her words. There might be persecution and there would be some troubles within the church. Finally she said, my message here is the same as that of Fatima.

Sister, what is your message to the whole Filipino nation?
As I often said during interviews, the message is only one-- salvation, conversion for sinners and for the Filipinos to frequent the sacraments and to pray the daily family rosary.

For our leaders?
She mentioned something about the leaders of our countries, not exactly ours, if the decision is not right or proper for the nation or for the country, there should be an awareness of God, the existence of God and that also to God may we avail of Mary or vice versa.


  1. I suppose the current crop of church leaders the Catholic faith have now disappoints the Blessed Mother.

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