Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Elections 2007 - Light at the End of the Tunnel

At the risk of sounding cliche--a new dawn has come for the Pinoy electorate. Initial results are showing how, instead of dominating the polls, celebrities are trailing waaay behind (except for Loren Legarda, that is). I'm not smirking at all the artistas seeking public office but hey, there isn't a Sotto or Montano in the Magic 12. And astounding as it may seem, a Pacquiao will not be seating in the House of Representatives, contrary to popular expectation. Nor apparently, will the Congress have a Garci or a Chavit. Whereas if we had conducted this same election ten or fifteen years earlier, then perhaps, they would have made the top of the list in no time.

In Pampanga, instead of coming from the clashing political clans of Pinedas and Lapids, a Catholic priest, of all people-- is coming out as the early victor. As of yesterday with 42% of the precincts accounted for, Fr. Panlilio was at the lead with approx. 3,000 votes ahead of his closest rival. He is now being called as the "light in NEW RP Politics." He, with no formidable political machinery backing him, no sophisticated ads in the media, no political dynasty supporting him--now appears to have gained the Kabalens' mandate of leadership--this man who went around the province campaigning behind a wooden cart. His seemingly sure victory is a testament to the fact that there is no longer such a thing as "political norms" in this country. This could have been true a decade ago but not anymore. The times are changing...for the better. Voters are becoming more educated, more empowered about the choices they make.

In a province often called No Man's Land for its penchant for guns and goons, I heard that he-who-must-not-be-named is now trailing after a multi-awarded, long-deserving and long-persecuted female mayor in the congressional bid. In the gubernatorial race, the slain representative's brother is also leading over she-who-must-not-be-named. And I say AWESOME!

In Baguio, a particular trapo who is desperate to get back to power must be so disappointed to view his once-again, dismal votes. How frustrating it must be for him, after he made his successor's short-lived stint as hellish as possible. Still, he failed to get back the mandate of the people. Once again, good riddance. Adios lakay!

In the senate race, a quite young, principled military officer who never got the chance to campaign under the sun, is consistently in the Magic 10. This is a man who chose to rot in prison than compromise his principles for his freedom. Without the expose he made, thousands of soldiers in the field of combat, would still be wearing worn-out boots and enduring measly hazard pays.

Indeed, this must be the beginning of a paradigm shift. The small-mindedness and patron-mentality/ loyalty that has traditionally characterized the pinoy voter, especially in the countryside, is no longer that apparent in this elections. Was there a more comprehensive voter education campaign from any of the crucial sectors? Wasn't able to notice, but thank God nevertheless.


  1. You're so right there. This election was a de-facto referendum against ate glo! But i still like her, am I on the wrong side of the fence now?

  2. Finally...finally...nagigising na tayo mga kababayan, sana tuluy-tuloy na 2!

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